buddhi girls

Who Are We? We Are Buddhi-ful!

Buddhi= Intuition. 

Pose = Smile

There are so many great words the world over, but this one is so much fun.  Buddhi is knowledge, understanding, awareness.  Buddhi is intuition or what we understand without the need for conscious reasoning.  It’s also a fun play on the modern “booty.”  As in, shake your booty!!  Or as we like to say, #getyourbuddhitothemat, no not just your butt, but also your intuition.  Bring your observant-selves in here and see what you find when you let the rest of the world go.  


Buddhi Mat Power Yoga has been blessed with some amazing instructors over the past few years, many have been with us since Buddhi’s very first day, others have joined us more recently, reinvigorating our studio with fresh energy and ideas.  We want you to know we’re more than “just” yoga teachers, we’re moms, collectors, entrepreneurs and multi-tasking risk-takers.  Yes, you can find our happy-smiley-faces and informative bio’s at www.buddhimatyoga.com, but how about we share a few fun facts here, a side of our instructors you don’t regularly get to see.


Wendy is our gal-Friday–she does it all and she does it with a smile.

Melissa is our essential oil guru.

Sarah works our core.

Carin owns the Natual Scoop.

Liz is an elementary school teacher.

Kerin is a martial artist.

Pam loves horses.

Judy is a grill-master.

Caity is a musician

Flo makes her own line of body products– flomotion products, LLC.
We are who we are, some parts of us we’re born with, others we learn along the way.  We are always learning, growing and changing particularly when we listen to our guts.  We are all unique, but we are also just like you–Buddhi-ful.  Now, it’s your turn, share your story–we want to know what makes you buddhi-ful!  We’ll be talking to our yogis over the next few weeks and every time one of you practices with us we’ll add your name to the jar for a flomotion products giveaway at the end of the August. #buddhifulbeyou. #findyourfire #getinspired #buddhiblog