New Students:

You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether this is your very first yoga class or your first visit to Buddhi Mat, we know you will love this practice as much as we do and want you to feel welcome every step of the way.

Why Power Yoga

Buddhi Power Yoga is a dynamic practice, a get down in the trenches, challenging, and sweaty, moving meditation; A true workout for your body, mind and spirit.
If this is your first class, as long as you remind yourself that no two bodies are alike and you are not meant to look the same way in the pose as the person next to you, you will be fine. And if it is your 101st class, you will be challenged to play your edge mindfully. It will make your body stronger, leaner, suppler and more balanced. If you keep coming back to your mat, you will see all those changes and so much more.

Do I have to be Flexible?

Yoga is designed to allow you to work from your own point of flexibility. Beginners are welcome in any of our classes and we will offer appropriate modifications to support and guide you while honoring your own limits.

Why the Heat?

The studio is heated to about 90 degrees. The heat warms the body, which will allows you to stretch more safely and go a little deeper. The sweat creates a wonderful cleansing, “ringing out” effect, leaving you with a sense of total release and letting go. Rest often, pace yourself, and drink lots of water – before, during and after to stay hydrated.

Can beginners do Power Yoga?

Our Power yoga classes are open to all levels and specifically designed to allow you to jump right in and determine your own pace. We encourage you to drink lots of water and rest when needed. Joining back in when you feel ready.

Do I have to do “traditional” exercise, as well as Power Yoga? Is it considered a “cardio” activity?

Power yoga is all you need! This practice builds strength, muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance and can promote weight loss. Plus, with its emphasis on breath and presence you learn to become more focused, moving towards greater peace of mind. It is a complete body and mind workout.

I am an athlete, will Power Yoga help my sport?

Yes. The Power yoga practice will help to reveal these imbalances and help you to strengthen the areas that are weak and open the areas that are tight. This will help you to avoid injury and allow you to be more efficient in your sport.

Can I do Power Yoga if I have an injury?

Yoga is known for it’s healing benefits. However, always tell your instructor of any injuries and check with a doctor first if you do not know the cause or problem.

Can I do Power Yoga if I am pregnant?

As with any exercise program, you should check with your physician and listen to your own body. Generally speaking, however, if you had a strong practice beforehand you can usually continue with some modifications. Now would not be the time to start a new, strenuous program that you were not doing before your pregnancy. Be sure to inform you instructor, so he or she can guide you with the appropriate modifications. Also, remember this practice is done in a heated room. You should discuss this with your physician before continuing.

Tips to get the most out of your practice:

If you are new, please inform the instructor and also let them know about any injuries or illnesses.

Wear appropriate attire. The rooms are warm to hot, depending on the class. Dressing lightly will help your body’s cooling system work more efficiently. Also remember you will be bending and twisting, wearing something a little more form fitting will be less likely to get in your way.

While this is a vigorous style of yoga, the emphasis is on moving your body with awareness and intention. We do not recommend pushing, forcing or muscling your way through. We encourage you to find your own edge with mindfulness and breath.

The hardest part is your first step onto the mat but we are here to make you feel welcome and guide you every step of the way.