Buddhi Mat is a Power Yoga studio, and ALL of our classes are designed for ALL LEVEL yogis. No yoga experience is necessary, just a desire to be on the mat and in the process. Students will be encouraged to work at their own personal level. Beginners will be given modifications, while more seasoned yogis will be guided on how take it to the next level. The temperature in the room is kept at approximately 90°. The added heat helps create a sweat drenching yoga practice that leads to greater release and surrender.

POWER: Buddhi Mat’s signature class is a challenging and dynamic breath guided practice. Experience a powerful combination of strength, flexibility, stamina and focus. With attention on the breath, your presence and alignment, the sequencing of our Power classes is specifically designed to help you create a balanced body and mind.

POWER CORE: Get ready to work your core with this dynamic class that blends our traditional Power flow with an emphasis on core work. This class will strengthen your body, mind and your practice, leaving your feeling strong and grounded.

POWER HOUR: A 60-minute version of our signature Power class. Expect to move fast and work hard! While this class—like all the rest—is still designed for all level yogis, we recommend that new yogis attend a full length class first.

GENTLE FLOW: A slower, gentler flow that will focus on the breath and moving the body with intention and awareness. The foundational poses with be explored with time to build from the ground up and the inside out. A perfect place for beginners to start. 

RESTORATIVE: Calm the nervous system, cool the brain, and rest the senses. Restorative yoga is a calming practice where your body is fully supported by props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks. Restore, renew and refresh your body and mind.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: Maybe you are just a little hesitant about taking one of our classes. One-on-one training with an experienced yoga teacher can give you individualized attention to fit your needs. Private instruction is a wonderful way to learn the basics, fine tune your practice or deepen your knowledge if you are an experienced practitioner and learn modifications appropriate for a particular injury.

If you are a true beginner contact the studio for more information.